When regular emojis just don't understand you... you make your own. We're unveiling our own suite of Slack emojis for your using pleasure.

Highlights include:

OM Landmarks - Our blue couch, Buddha mural, keg and grass bar

OM Catchphrases - Happy Hey!, Big Ups and OM Hustler

OM Must Haves - A cup from The Daily, avocado toast and an OM Tumbler

and, of course our own brand of humor and personality...

90% - When you're not quite feeling 100%

Stanky Fridge - When someone forgets to throw away last week's lunch

Reef & Charlie - When the office dogs deserve their own likeness because they would use emojis if they could

Blue Poop - Because why not?

Download the suite into your Slack and start communicating with our new digital dudes. In your settings, click on 'Customize Slack'. Then, upload this file and voila... you're officially an honorary OMie.

OMojis > emojis.