Lexus Culinary Classic + Lexus Gran Fondo

Earlier this year, Team One, the marketing agency for Toyota and Lexus, dropped us a line asking our squad to design a website for their client, the Lexus Culinary Classic, a three-day wine and food event based in the San Fransisco Bay Area.

Team One is under the umbrella of Saatchi & Saatchi - an international big fish in the global communications and advertising pond. In other words, we were stoked to be among such well-respected company.

Team One challenged us to build a site that featured modern design and simple user navigation to result in higher ticket sales. Our design and dev team worked together to hash out a look that appealed to Lexus' elevated brand, but also paid homage to the spirit of the food + bev focused event.

After the Lexus Culinary Classic site launched with a bubbling success, we dove right into another web project with Team One - this time for the Lexus Gran Fondo, a100-mile, three-day bicycling and foodie event from Boston to Chatham, MA.

Shortly after, OM hit the jackpot when we were asked for a face-to-face with Team One. To make our new relationship super (Facebook) official, Lee + Allison hopped on a plane to LAX to meet with execs from the agency. After shaking hands, the OMies celebrated in the City of Angels over In-N-Out Burger,  wheatgrass shots and D-List celebrity sightings.

California . . . knows how to party. In the citaaay of L.A. We keep in rockin'. 

Now back East, we're working with Team One to refresh the website for their 2017 Culinary Classic that takes place, March 24 - 26, 2017. And we're now on Team One's list of preferred vendors. Swing!

Even in different time zones we eat. sleep. hustle. repeat.