Connecting people and dots is what Lee does in her sleep. While she’s awake, at work, she’s a big thinker, a change agent, a buzz starter, the inventor of the “no asshole policy” and a loyal businessperson. Bringing folks together is what Lee does best, whether it’s cultivating relationships with clients, friends, or partners, or hiring the best, brightest, and nicest people around. You’ll also see her popping into pitch meetings, brainstorms, kickoffs, planning sessions or huddles on a pretty regular basis. She may be steering the ship, but she still likes to party with the crew. #LovingTheCrew

"Don’t talk about it. Be about it."


Work family

Oh heeeeey, from the @whitehouse. Just me and Lego dude and Potus hanging at South x South Lawn. #sxsl#chs #tech

Beer. Oysters. Bowen's. > all other holiday parties. #omwerkperks #omology@obviouslee