Jenny is like a master architect. As our Creative Strategist, she is focused both on the big picture and the important details required to get to the finish line. She’s an expert at planning for the long term while also keeping your brand goals and integrity at the forefront. It's a marathon, not a sprint, people. She’s got a discerning eye for taste level, an ear for brand tone and the gumption to get things done. She’s both creative and analytical, and an expert at helping brands build in the right direction - up. 

"Eat Well, Travel Often."

Sunset in Wagner Terrace. Last salute to the weekend.

Another day of bike riding, another new Belgian beer to try. Kasteel Tripel. The glass has a little castle where the stem meets the base.

Working on a Saturday, not so bad when this is your private mode of transportation. #omhustle

Rocked out a lot of events and projects for @obviouslee clients during Charleston Wine + Food thanks to the teamwork of @ashley_brady. 🙌💃🏻#watchoutworld #obviousleebadass #omwerkperks