So meta, we're meta-meta.

They don't want to use Basecamp. Can we work some bacon into this design? Definitely SEO and SEM. What would Don Draper do? We don't have the budget for that. I thought you were going to send them the meeting recap. But I wanted this to be a portfolio piece! I'll get you my timesheet later.

Why would that be billable? I need a bigger budget. Twitter just changed their API again! Can we partner on building a mobile app, where you get paid once it goes viral? I need to steal one of your developers today. This'll work in IE 6, right? We need a bigger QA budget.

Make the site responsive. Can you do this pro bono? Why can't you do both projects at once? We have a pretty big budget for our website, like $1,000. We forgot to install the Google Analytics code.

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