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Business is not “as usual” right now, that’s for sure. So, how do you adapt your real-time marketing efforts to our current reality and plan for an even stronger presence in what will be the new normal?

In our latest workshop, our own Melanie Mathos and Mathew Sweezey of Salesforce talked about how everyone from Fortune 500 companies to small independent businesses are pivoting and reinventing strategies.

If you attended and want to watch it again, if you missed it and want to check it out…or if you just need something to watch that’s not Netflix, you can check it out here.

For a quick snapshot of the webinar - we’ll just jump right to the end and to Mel and Mat’s:

10 Ways to Adapt, Plan and Thrive

  1. Follow agile practices

  2. Keep key staff members at all costs 

  3. Maintain close communication with all stakeholders 

  4. Invest in key strategic efforts to create a better customer experience tomorrow 

  5. Optimize operational costs

  6. Prepare to step up just as you stepped down

  7. Optimize your digital, mobile presence (Videos, AR, VR) 

  8. Reevaluate strategy, brand positioning, assets

  9. Focus on customer retention and anticipate their needs

  10. Get creative and think big about how to capture pent up demand