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You've heard of paint the town red, but have you heard of PRINT the town red? That's what we did for our friends and partners at A+E Digital Printing.

They are a full-service print, design and document management company, servicing Charleston and beyond for more than 20 years. To educate existing and potential clients about their broad menu of services, A+E set out to utilize their enviable downtown Charleston real estate on the corner of King and Morris Streets (pro-tip: if the peninsula was a board game, you'd totally want to put a Monopoly house here) with a visually compelling, billboard-style window display.

Our design squad worked together to assemble a pairing of brand colors and compelling visuals, by way of new iconography that tied-back to the company's homegrown roots. We created a brand identity for each of A+E’s service buckets. These identities were then developed into a billboard-style window display, spanning across 16 windows, featuring a map of downtown Charleston ('cause we love to put our clients on the map figuratively AND literally).

The finished product? More brand awareness for all of the badass work that can come from A+E, and the new go-to selfie spot on Upper King Street. Go see for yourself and snap a pic! Until then, take a peek here.