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That Gold Life Tho


+ Cannabis

24k gold joints. You heard us right. 24k gold. Now, what you put in the rolling paper is up to you, but be sure, when you’re rolling with Shine Papers, you’ll get noticed.

Shine invented the world's first ever 24 karat gold rolling paper (#Baller). Our relationship with Shine is O.G...meaning we've been working with them since the beginning. We've tag teamed with the brand on everything from branding, to PR, to marketing, to advertising. But what really shines (pun intended) is creating their product packaging. And when the product itself is 24k gold - you know the packaging design has to be on point. Our team designed sleek packaging that emphasizes the uniqueness of the product (ahem, 24k gold paper).  

That's how we roll. And so does Goop.