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Birthdays are the best, aren't they? Presents, 150 Facebook notifications, the day off from work (another #omwerkperk) and an extra scoop from Ben & Jerry' know the drill.

We want to be a part of giving everyone the opportunity to celebrate their birthdays fully, especially young children in the foster care system. That's why we've partnered with our friends at Birthdays for All to ensure all Lowcountry children receive presents for their special day. Birthdays for All works with the South Carolina Department of Social Services (DSS) to get wish lists from foster children so that they can receive a gift on their birthday. 

You can can purchase a gift on a child's wishlist and deliver it to OM HQ - 654 King Street, Suite C. - or come join us for quarterly wrapping parties. We'll also have a giving tree for December if you want to come grab a wish list item.

If you or your friends want to get involved in Birthdays for All, visit their website to find out more. Then, follow our Facebook page to find out when the next wrapping party will be. No skillz required.

Together, let's make birthday wishes come true. HBD, all.