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Need for Speed


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We feel a need... a need for speed. But really. At OM, we move fast, we type fast, we get shit done fast and we hire fast. We've come up with a way to cut through the typical hiring BS and find the right talent for our team quickly. Through 20-minute culture connects, we're able to sift through the crowd of applicants and dig out the people that get us, jive well with our vibe and clients and understand the vision of OM. At the end of the day, we're on the hunt for people who are the right fit for us. With that in mind, we always hire for the person and not the position. It's easy to teach people skills. What's not so easy? Teaching people to be cool human beings. Our founder, Lee Deas, recently shared our hiring process at the DisruptHR conference. Watch below to learn more about how we connect in with badass individuals. Want to learn more? Shoot us a note here.