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Mindful, healthy living. That's a way of life we can get behind, after all our moniker is OM and we've got a happy Buddha on our office wall. When we heard about this new community taking shape in Nashville, TN called oneC1TY, we jumped at the chance to collaborate with Cambridge Holdings, Inc. and Greystar on the residential property in the neighborhood.

Our team headed out to Nashville to do a site tour and meet the team. We led the group through a deep dive branding session to identify the brand personality and goals for the new apartment building's look, tone and feel. 

Creating a brand is not just a logo or a poster. It's thinking about the whole of this new world that doesn't exist and bringing every aspect of it to life. At its core are the values we identified as essential to the brand. From that everything fell into place, from naming, to logo, to signage, to collateral, to website design, to brand messaging.

Welcome to The Shay. Live in Balance.