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No, not ROUS. ROAS. AKA, Return On Ad Spend. 6x ROAS to be exact.

To translate our digital marketing speak: we crafted a killer digital ad campaign that performed so well, we earned our client eComm sales that were six times what they were spending on ads. Let’s just say, this digital campaign soared.

Started by two best friends, Smockingbird makes adorable handmade children’s clothing, classic in style and affordable in price. When we started working with Smockingbird, their goal was simple and clear: increase eComm sales. They had proof of concept, but needed our team’s help with getting their brand in front of the right people.

We set the bar high, aiming for 6x ROAS. Our digital team optimized Smockingbird’s Google and Facebook Ads to generate more conversions and within six months, we made it rain. Smockingbird saw sales come in from across the country and internationally.

When it comes to building a robust digital marketing strategy, our Senior Digital Strategist John O’Hearn has a few words of wisdom to share: “Watch the data. Scale what works. Shut down what doesn’t. Test iterations of targeted ads. Sky’s the limit.”