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Grass Between Your Toes


+ Photography

Entertain us for a second. Picture yourself in a beautifully landscaped park, with blades of grass between your toes. The sun is shining and nearby birds are chirping. You're surrounded by Black-eyed-Susans. Inhale. Exhale. Take 3 deep OM breaths.

Now that you're in the right head space – let's begin. Okay, okay - we aren't teaching yoga classes (yet)... but can we later? Instead, we're giving a big nod to the fine folks at the Charleston Parks Conservancy.

Our OM crew is pretty passionate about creating (then preserving) meaningful spaces in the Lowcountry. When we're not tethered to a MacBook charge cord, we dig the outdoors. So, we were stoked to answer a call from the Charleston Parks Conservancy, and align ourselves with great peeps saving great parks for great peeps to use.

We completed a drastic brand overhaul, revamping an entire website and art directing a photoshoot for every Conservancy park. Best. Field. Trip. Ever.  We worked with the team to provide a paradigm shift for their photography needs and concepted the shoot to show the benefits and impact that the parks have on the community rather than just the parks themselves. The Conservancy now has Instagram photos for days thanks to stellar McKellar (aka photography guru, Leslie McKellar). 

For the website, we jumped at the chance to refigure the navigation and make it easy for locals to engage with the parks, volunteer and become a Park Angel (fastest way to get good karma). This meant creating a robust park finder - which we're pretty damn proud of – so users could engage with the 120+ parks around the City of Charleston.

So get out and enjoy these spaces, Holy City. And maybe start your time there with 3 deep breaths.