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Fonts for days. It’s a good problem to have, but can be overwhelming. We’re here to highlight our favorite typefaces so you don’t have to spend hours finding the best of the best. 

As a brand, it can be hard to stand out. An easy solution is to pick a font with some personality. If you want your brand to say "look at me, look at me" in a subtle, not obnoxious sort of way, check out our font suggestions to make it POP!

Don’t be afraid to have fun with your font choices. Here are 5 typefaces with personality we love:


Nazaré is the name of a small Portuguese fishing village known for its giant waves and peculiar people. Nazaré the typeface is also peculiar with giant features. The chunky semi-serif elements give this typeface a unique vintage feel. We love it in Extra Bold and used as a secondary font to add a clean fresh look.

Similar typefaces: Dogma, Cako.

Dogma can also be found in the Adobe Font library and has a similar vintage vibe. Cako is an amazing typeface by one of our favorite foundries VJ-Type. 


This typeface is grotesque! Quirky and NOT polished, it’s like the best parts of Helvetica and Futura, but actually fun. When used as a headline Poppins really shows its style. But don’t sleep on using it at smaller sizes. The extra personality gives it nice readability and modern style. 

Similar typefaces: Sporting Grotesque, Woodland

If you need more personality than Poppins, Sporting Grotesque will do the trick. Woodland is a serify alternative with lots of charm. If you want even more personality, hit us up and we’ll give you a laundry list of quirkiness. 


Who doesn’t like Cooper Black? Ok, we all thought that style was dead, but with new modern updates those chunky funky typefaces of old have been brought back to life in a new way. Recoleta is a gem and will be a go-to typeface in the next few years. Recoleta Light is sophisticated and playful. Recoleta Extra Bold is just pure fun. And they’re always friendly. 

Similar typefaces: Averia Serif Libre, Windsor

Averia Serif Libre is a nice Google Font alternative to Recoleta. Averia is a bit more sticky and goopy - not as refined as Recoleta. Windsor is a taller more condensed version of Recoleta with a bit of a slant/swagger to its step. 


Anisette has a split personality and likes to shout at you. Sounds scary, but trust us. Anisette is always displayed in ALL CAPS (hence the shouting), and can be either condensed or extended (hence the split personality). What makes Anisette cool is that you can create a unique layout with lots of personality by alternating between the condensed (lowercase) and extended (uppercase), no prescription necessary. 

Similar typefaces: Halogen, Dunbar Low

Halogen is the sporty, mechanical, masculine, scientific genius side of Anisette (extended). Dunbar Low is the elegant, jazzy, fast talking, slim side of Anisette (condensed).


Hobeaux is lit like a trash can bonfire. Of our 5 chosen fonts this one might be the biggest stretch to use on something that’s gonna last longer than that trash fire. But, let’s not ruin the fun. When used in small doses this typeface can really make a big difference. Just look at Stumptown coffee packaging. Not a bad place to live. 

Similar typefaces: Hobo, Vacation Display, Musubi

Hobo is basically a squat version of Hobeaux (see graphic above). Vacation Display and Musubi are chill fonts with vintage/surf/travel vibes.