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+ Creative Campaign

When Charleston Wine + Food  offered us the opportunity to develop their 2016 ad campaign, we were uncorked with gastronomical enthusiasm. We're big fans of the festival and have been working with their crew for years. Plus, any project where we can promote two of our favorite past times (eating and drinking), is pretty much a done deal.

Our OM team hustled to really 'bring home the bacon' for the event's 11th year. After many a mindphoon session, we landed on the idea of creating a dictionary specific to the bevy of Wine + Food goers and experiences.  If you have been to the event, you know that the atmosphere, attention to detail and overall badassness of it is worthy of its own vocabulary to describe just what goes on during Charleston Wine + Food. And with that - we thought screw it. Let's make our own 'foodcabulary'

We crafted more than 20 new words for the Festival to use. Enjoy the list below for some of the most adopted terms, as well as some never before seen ones.