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Creating Change Through a Text


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Oh, those three dots. The anticipation! Waiting to see what they text back.

In the case of Citibot, the “they” is an AI chatbot. The text message back is telling you that your text reporting the pothole on your street has been communicated to your local municipality and put into their to-do list. By texting Citibot, you’ve taken action and that pothole is now one step closer in getting fixed. Way to go, you!

Formed in 2016 with a mission of making cities and counties accessible for all, we've been all in on Citibot since the beginning and not just in a "hey, we like you, let's work together" way. Our founder, Lee, is a co-founder of Citibot and our team was a part of taking an idea and making it an AI reality, now used by 15 municipalities across the U.S.

We like to make a difference with our work. We like brands that make a difference in the lives of people. Citibot enables any citizen to be able to communicate directly with their local government. Regardless of age or socio-economic status, most people have text messaging capabilities on their smart or flip phone, so through Citibot's AI and text capabilities those that may lack resources can still have their voice heard. That's pretty cool and something we can, and do, get behind.