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It’s like a candy store, but with alcohol and for adults.

We’ve been working with Bottles since the beginning (2012 - what? You know what they say, time flies…), on everything from branding and launch, to marketing and digital strategy, to media buying and social media.

Always striving to keep things fresh and timely, we freshened up the brand with a whole new visual direction, which included new photography and video.

Our team created the concept, handled production coordination and art direction. We worked with photographer Brennan Wesley to capture all that Bottles has to offer.

We also worked with Brennan (multi-talented, that guy) on video production. Stephanie Burt host of The Southern Fork podcast, joined in to host Bottle Talk, a video series highlighting some of Charleston, SC’s expert Food & Bev professionals and chat about the wine, beer and spirits they like to work with (all available at Bottles, hint hint).

Visual buffet below for your enjoyment: