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4 Products With Bold Packaging Design


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When we discover packaging that's innovative, we get inspired. Packaging can be so much more than just a container for a product. It can speak to your brand values, it can cause delight, and sometimes it's the first part of your brand that a potential consumer interacts with. Packaging makes an impact, so make a big one with yours.

Shout out to these four products that take eccentric ideas and root them in reason as part of our new series, #oMonthlyDiscoveries.

Growstockholm's "Pearl" + Plastic-Free Disposable Packaging

@growstockholm | @thedieline

Collective Arts Brewing + Amber Vittoria Artist Collaboration

@collectivebrew | @amber_vittoria artist

The Dieline's Bold + Impactful Design

@thedieline | @somabrewing

Igloo Coolers Redefining Coolers with Sustainable Design

@igloocoolers | @thedieline

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