Our Marketing Strategist, leads our Events, Real Estate, B2B and Digital sides of the house. She doesn’t have her finger on the pulse...she is the pulse. With the help of her magical squad, she does it all – builds marketing plans, executes tactics, measures goals, analyzes data, pulls gold coins from behind your ear. Go big or go big is her motto. She doesn’t shy away from record-breaking goals, mind-blowing ideas or far reaching plans. She uses it to fuel her team, infuse energy into her work and build buzz around your event, product, property or campaign.

"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone."

Spent the morning volunteering for @greenheartchs with my @obviouslee peeps. You know what they say.....the office that volunteers together, stays together! #omwerkperks 💚

Our first music festival as a fam yesterday. I loved seeing my little loves dancing around to good tunes. #ZBB

Here we go, kicking off day 1 of the #volvocaropen. I can't believe that this is our sixth year handling all the pr and media relations for the tournament. 🎾🏆 #vco2016 #omwerkperks

I was lucky enough to spend the last few days in #kiawah with my work family. These amazing women challenge me everyday to learn more, try harder and be the best version of myself. #werkperks @obviouslee @aealpino @lee_deas @madeline_dodd