As our New Business Initiatives Team Lead, Allison is what we call an “OM OG.” She’s been running the show here almost as long as we’ve existed. She knows exactly where we’ve been, where we want go and what jams to listen to on the way. She’s basically the best co-pilot you could ask for (#McCLUTCHeon). She’s a real go-getter, a straight shooter, and speaks about our marketing services with impromptu poise like you’ve never seen. Ever wonder if you’re a fit for OM, or vice versa? One meeting with her and you’ll be like, I got 99 problems but marketing ain’t one.

"But first,

gangsta rap."

Happy 4th from all of these little firecrackers!

Don't go breakin' my heart! #chsheartball

Celebrating my birthday at the Heart Ball. #itsnotourheartsweareworriedabout #ourliversthough

Hootie! #holdmyhand #hootiehooooo!